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A heat pump is exactly what the name implies. In cold weather, it pumps heat from outside and transfers into the home.


Then, when it's warm outside, it changes directions so it removes heat from inside the home and cools the house.


Like all modern systems, heat pumps can encounter problems. Perhaps your unit is freezing up, cycles on and off too frequently or simply doesn't heat or cool properly.


Thermostat malfunctions are culprit behind a number of these issues, but certainly not all of them. Your heat pump itself may be the culprit, so that's why you need the advice of the professional heating and air conditioning contractors of Speir Heating and Air.


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Heat pump cost

When determining the cost of a heat pump installation several factors are at play. These can include the make, size, model, etc. of your current unit. That's why it's near impossible to offer quote without speaking to you directly, which we're happy to do. You're welcome to get in touch by calling or e-mailing us with some of the symptoms your heat pump is experiencing. We’ll be happy to set up a no-cost, no-obligation quote, so contact us today.

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